My wedding cheong sum with Emanuel B Couture #ezleaxweds

hey hey! its been some time since I’ve updated this space. My wedding planning is super slow but everything is slowly but surely falling into place. another 4 weekends to #ezleaxweds !!! time really flies.

I’m always envious of brides in Cheong sam’s and what more, paying homage to culture & traditions. The Chinese cheong sum originated past 5,000 years and have seen a lot of changes to its silhouette, but all throughout that time, it’s kept its status as the Chinese woman’s traditional dress of choice. I love how the cheong sam has evolved through the years with some western influence and am so inspired to actually don on one for my wedding!


I’m super lucky to be able to collaborate with Elaine, founder of Emanuel B Couture. Her cosy bridal studio is located @ PS100, Oasis hotel at Peak Seah Street. Featuring a loft studio, i was greeted with this modern cheong sum right as i step in! Elaine’s gowns are all one of pieces and are customisable. she does both off the rack rental, purchase as well as customised gowns (both wedding gowns & evening gowns). I would say that her speciality are her cheong sum’s which has luxe detailing & sophisticated silhouettes.

First off, Elaine showed me a couple of her off the rack cheong sum’s that is available. We discussed my preference, likes & dislikes before heading to the changing room to try out her beautiful creations!






the very first cheong sum I’ve tried in my life and it was MAJOR HEART EYES. The colour for this gown base is in a champagne peach with purple accents! The colour is so romantic and this gown exudes feminine charms. Exactly what i envisioned my cheong sum to be! As Ultra Violet takes center stage as Pantone’s 2018 Color of the Year, here’s one of the ways to work it into my wedding details.

PANTONE 18-3838 Ultra Violet communicates originality, ingenuity, and visionary thinking that points us toward the future.


my hubby really liked this gown for its colour tones and details. Honestly, i don’t have an hourglass figure but the cut brought out the best of my shape!




I  love the keyhole back on all her cheong sums! Still sexy yet modest.. & the skin toned mesh blended really well with my skin.. i didn’t experience any itchy nettings or prickly beads. The gown is so comfortable! Working in the wedding industry myself, i am super fussy over the illusion mesh & have encountered many prickly ones which made my sensitive skin turn both itchy and red!!!! Elaine from Emanuel B couture is detailed in that way. Every detail is well thought through to ensure her brides not only looks but feels good!


Remember how i was impressed by the first cheong sum that greeted me upon entering her studio? I JUST HAD TO PUT IT ON! Haha!



The colour of this piece leans towards the pinkish champagne tone and the silhouette for this gown is fit & flare! Fitted down till my mid thighs, this cheong sum flares out beautifully with a train. The bottom half of the gown is sparkly as well!!! Another wedding trend that is updated on this cheong sum!


It is slightly sheer at the bottom half of the gown as well & i love it! Very modern mixed with a bit of chinese traditions!

In the western wedding traditions…You may have heard people say you need something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. YES BLUE. This piece has blue floral embroideries that blends very well with the pinkish base shade of the gown. With that, it brings out the modern vibe!

Also, if you look at this gown closely, there are phoenix’s sewn on this gown. In case you didn’t know, in ancient and modern Chinese culture…the phoenix can often be found in the decorations for weddings or royalty, along with dragons. This is because the Chinese considered the dragon-and-phoenix design symbolic of blissful relations between husband and wife, another common yang and yin metaphor. Its so amazing that Elaine has this design so well thought true! Very meaningful on a gown… I am sure the older generation appreciates this little touch on the cheong sum.

This is one of her latest piece in store btw!


Last but not least, I HAD to try on a red cheong sum! In Chinese culture, the colour red represents success, loyalty, fertility, passion, love & happiness. It is a lucky colour for Chinese celebrations so like why not right?


This gown had the WOW effect on my hubby whom i brought along & i couldn’t agree more! The colour is striking and i love the mermaid cut for this gown which added a contemporary flair to the cheongsam.




A gorgeous smattering of floral and oriental embroidery in a modern pink and champange colour palette!! This gown really spoke to me. It was like THE ONE. I didn’t even need to hesitate anymore.


Once again, Elaine designed this amazing beyond words illusion neckline cheongsam. The floral appliqués are like floating on my skin and the Mandarin high neck collar is embedded with beadings & floral embroideries. The focus of this gown was on the top & the beadings slowly fades out into a striking red satin skirt.


You won’t believe it but with the amount of beadings and whatnots, this cheong sum is still very comfortable! Choosing the colour of my gown is now a no-brainer. My skin tone surprisingly brings out this bright red tone very well!


This marks the last of my try-ons at Emanuel B Couture! Ended off with a really good note by the way.


After trying-on a couple of gowns, Elaine sat down with me to better understand my vision. From my reactions, she could size up what i am looking for and helped me piece out a cheong sum of my dreams. She showed me a couple of inspirations via pinterest and what she can do to further enhance my body shape! I was pretty clear on wearing a Red piece on my big day.. i safely left the details & customisation to Elaine as she knows best. Being in this wedding industry for more than 10 years, i felt very assured of her work and dedication to gown makings. kudos to her!


In case you’re wondering, this post isn’t paid but a collaboration for my wedding in december 2018! Elaine is definitely a gem & I’m so impressed with all her gowns. She made the whole process so smooth and enjoyable! Even my husband commented how friendly she is! Gonna be heading down for a fitting on thursday for my actual gown! I cannot wait to see what she came up with ❤

Emanuel B couture, @emanuelbcouture

100 Peck Seah Street #07-13, Singapore

Till then XX





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