I am a diamond

I used to be in a pretty bad spot. Nothing made sense, and absolutely nothing was okay.

I wasn’t okay.

I would talk about changing. Go through a small cycle where I would be overly happy and a conceited brat. Then I would fall right back into where I once was. I needed to have something that would push me and I didn’t have that. I needed to realize how much I was hurting myself. Putting myself through some sick twisted game, all because I loved hurting myself right back.

Finally, I was tired of playing.

I wanted to be better for the people around me. I wanted to be strong for everyone & that began with loving myself for who i am. Not that social media image I’ve been portraying but actually the real me, for me.

Took me months but by loving yourself, I’ve opened many doors of happiness. I put on so much light on the world that it allows me to inspire others. I became that girl I used to look up to because she was so happy. I actually become everything I wanted to be.

Now I am strong.

I am resilient.

I can conquer anything that this world throws at me.

I am a diamond that will forever shine no matter how dark the world gets.



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