My Skincare routine with Eucerin® – How to look radiant amidst your busy schedule

The much-anticipated skincare routine! 

There is nothing that gives away your age more than dull skin, wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes as tell-tale signs of ageing. I’m in my mid 20s now, and my skin cell turnover and collagen production have decreased. Furthermore, I love to do outdoor photo shoots & the constant sun exposure, coupled with consecutive late nights, has taken a toll on my skin. Life has been pretty crazy lately as I juggle between my Queen of Hearts shoots, wedding prep, and other personal commitments. With so much going on, I see my skin becoming dull and appearing older than it should. I know that I’ve got to up my skin care game to prevent wrinkles, pigmentations, and dull skin, yet not having to spend too much time on it  

I am thrilled to partner up with Eucerin® for their latest launch of Hyaluron- Filler Overnight Treatment. With over 100 years of skin science and skin aging knowledge, I know that I am in pretty good hands!

 I was so desperate to get my youthful skin back & am always looking for a “miracle” tub. I tested out Eucerin® Hyaluron-Filler Overnight Treatment for a week.. read on for a full review of each of the products I’ve used from the Hyaluron-Filler range!


The first step to improve my skin texture. This is a dual-chambered 2-in-1 moisturiserwhich helps to bring back your face’s natural radiance and achieve wrinkle-free skin!

This Overnight Treatment contains a dual-action anti-aging formula , and the product is packed separately into 2 chambers – one consisting of AHA Complex & Saponin, & the other containing Hyaluronic Acid. 

 I did a little research and found out that the AHA complex & Saponin that comes in the form of a creamy emulsion helps to not only exfoliate skin but stimulate skin cell renewal respectively. Since it contains AHA, this product should be used in the night as it increases skin’s photosensitivity. In the other chamber, the Hyaluronic Acid comes in a gel-like serum that helps to plump up the skin, keeping it moisturised throughout the night.   

I’ve been using it every night before bed for the past week and notice a significant improvement! A little bit goes a long way, and it does not require a lot of my time. I’ve only been using 1 pump every night and it’s more than enough to hydrate my entire face. The product works through the night and I wake up to radiant and smooth skin.   

 I love how clever this product is! Making skin care routine efficient & at the same time effective especially since I’ve been so busy. It isn’t tacky after application and absorbs really quickly. I notice visibly smoother and radiant skin after just the first night of application and am completely hooked by the results

Coupled next with –


An intensive anti-wrinkle serum that targets and treat ageing skin. It works in perfect synergy with the rest of the range to maximise the delivery of Hyaluronic Acid to the skin. This is great for those nights when we need an extra boost for our dehydrated skin, and its perfect for layering over the Overnight Treatment.

I apply it both day and night & found that this serum makes a good makeup base due to the high silicone component. It instantly creates a smoother base! Just remember to give it a good shake before squeezing out the serum!



The day cream is enhanced with SPF 15 and UVA protection, it effectively protects against UV- induced formation of wrinkles during the day! Great for my outdoor shoots!! Of course I do apply sunscreen afterwards, but there’s definitely no harm in layering on sunscreen – the more layers, the better the protection!  

I used the night cream as the last step for my skin. It is thicker in consistency but I guess it is necessary especially since I sleep with the air condition on. I can feel my skin more moisturised and plumped when I wake up the next morning.

A little goes a very Long way for both creams! This is truly my life saviour and its my HG moisturiser at the moment. I’ve got really dry skin that cracks up & these moisturisers has proven it’s worthy. It literally transformed my skin overnight. It does not feel greasy or heavy and soaked into my skin easily!

last but not least…. the 4th step to my skincare routine


Lastly, to complete my skincare routine, I apply the Eye Treatment in the day, to reduce the stubborn wrinkles around my eyes! Since this treatment has SPF 15 and UVA protection, its perfect for added sun protection. 

A thick and creamy eye treatment to be used under the eyes. It’s very light weight as well and absorbs really well into the skin! I didn’t experience any greasiness and the product melt into the skin and hydrates the delicate areas.

I love how my eyes instantly looks more radiant and smoother. It’s also perfect as a makeup base btw! I even use it on my worry lines between my eyebrows.  I learned that the skin around the eyes is so thin, even a few a few minutes of sun exposure can add up to wrinkles over time. And not to be extra depressing, but there aren’t a whole lot of good eye creams with SPF. That’s why Eucerin® Hyaluron-Filler is my latest to go! It’s not so heavy that it messes with my makeup, and it doesn’t irritate sensitive eyes.

Overall, I’ve really been enjoying the Hyaluron-Filler range, especially the Overnight Treatment! I can let this product take care of my many late nights, yet not worrying about dull and wrinkled skin.I can definitely foresee myself using it religiously over the next couple of weeks, especially since my banquet is going to be taking place real soon and I want to look my absolute best for it!

The Eucerin® Hyaluron-Filler range is available at Guardian & Watson stores.

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