I'm sick

Caught the flu bug that is gg around these days… feeling feverish and with a bad throats and cough, I still dragged myself out of the house with boyf to collect his suit for our Korea trip.

I'm actually quite excited abt this whole trip cause we're doing our studio shoot there!!! I've all my outfits planned and will be having 5 gowns + 1 uniform shot and maybe a casual outfit if time permits. I don't really know what to expect but from reviews, it's pretty fuss free

Back to my bf's suit, it's in a shade of blue. And we had many options with the shirt! We picked out a pink and white shirt with 3 tie options and 2 pocket squares. Very very versatile and I love the overall look of it! His suit was made in Benjamin barker due to time constraints and of course we had our doubts initially….. lol.

The MTM in charge, Haikal @ Cathay was extremely patient with us when it came to the numerous fittings + expedition of the suit!!

He actually helped us pick out the shirts and the diff ways we can match with the ties we had. Very very detailed man and he sure does know his suits damn well!!!

Headed home cause I was aching all over and bf put on his entire suit with his shoes. OMGGG, I think he look damn good! MTM does make a difference over the regular suits u get in stores.

Haha my very poor attempt to show off my unicorn fur ball

So here's a better pic of it!!! BF says why are my fingers so awkward……

Gave LIHO another shot with the cheese drink. AND this time round, I think it tasted muchhhh better!!

Now boyf is making me carbonara pasta after my 3 hour Long nap 😪 gonna go have my Super late dinner now. PLEASE LET ME RECOVER BEFORE MY TRIP 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

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