Omg this happened! 😱😍

First of all, I would like to thank everybody for their blessings! The engagement post on my Instagram was overwhelming and I'm still beaming at the fact that my status with Ezra has changed to fiancé/fiancée ❤️ I'm so happy that it happened sooner than I thought and what more with both our mums as witnesses! 👌🏻😌

Friends and family whom knows Ezra personally, would be aware that he is very quiet and reserve at nature. He can't keep surprises and he is very very unromantic ( okay or should I say practical). He doesn't believe in flowers and surprise gifts cause he has no clue on what to get for me!!!! Saying that I have everything I want alr 🙄🙄🙄

The only surprise gift I received from him was this year on Valentine's Day. He came to the airport to pick me up after my flight with a bouquet of roses (yes first and hopefully not the last bunch I receive). We had dinner at din tai Fung at the airport before heading home for my second surprise! Yes I opened the wardrobe and found a bvglari paper bag!! HAHA AT FIRST I THOUGHT THAT WAS THE PROPOSAL. And I was like where is the diamond??????!!!!… when I opened up the ring box. 😂😂😂

The story behind the ring

Ezra and I went to select the ring together earlier this year. Both of us have zero clue of diamonds and were kindly taught by the salesperson of the 4cs. I know all I wanted was a good size of diamond and didn't really bother abt the details. Ezra on the other hand was more particular. I remembered having to see the birthmarks of the diamond thru the scope and I had no idea what I was looking at HAHA.

So yea, diamond ring was customised and nothing was said abt the proposal after that day 🙊


We planned for our shoot on the 11th July 2017. The shoot was a whole day affair and the night before I was showing examples of the shoot to Ezra. One of the photo the bride was wearing her engagement ring and it looked damn good! It was like an extra touch to the photo! I told him " too bad the ring hasn't been collected yet" " if not can wear Hor?" "Very nice" LOL. The sneaky boy replied me saying " ya Too bad sia. Sorry baby" BAHAHAHA

The boy got down on one knee at seoul forest halfway through the shoot. At that point I didn't know what was gg on and even looked at him strangely. I thought it was one of the poses that the photographer asked him to do until I saw MY RING. HAHAHA. Ezra didn't say much before I burst into happy tears!! in my mind, I'm

The ajuma and translator was blowing bubbles as he proposed. and the photographer managed to take a couple of good shots! I was so touched!!

My boring man is not so boring after all!!!! He got down on his knee in the middle of seoul forest with a gazillion eyes on him. Of course I said a loud happy " YES" and he put the ring on my finger.


First photo as fiancé fiancée! 😘

Apparently the whole proposal was planned with both our mothers in it. He called my mum prior to the trip to ask for her blessings and mentioned that he was gonna propose to me during the shoot. Both of them were holding the rings this whole time!!!

I'm still very very excited of my new upgraded status!!! Now the real planning has begun!

✔️ rom JP
✔️ solemnisation venue
✔️wedding venue
✔️AD videographer

IM ON THE SEARCH FOR GOWNS NOW! Any recommendations??

Last photo of my ring! Even mummy said Ezra was so generous with the diamond! Super sparkly and big! 💕💕 my fiancé knows me the best!!

I love you baby boy! And as you said… the story of our love is only the beginning, let's write our own happy ending 💖


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