Yippppieeeeee!!! 👰🏻🤵🏻👫❤️

I finally got my ROM settled for this October. After facing many many rejections (20 I think?), I finally got my JP!!!

So the story goes…

Ezra and I discussed and weighed our options before having to settle for a a simple solemnisation at ROM. It was suppose to be just immediate family members and heading to lunch/dinner after. So we got our dates calculated and had to just wait out 3 months to our exact date.

Well, Singaporeans being very kiasu… and also advice from my friends….. we were told to camp online at the ROM website at midnight sharp.

Clock stroke 12 and we were scrambling to fill up the online form which took us abt 10mins.


12.10 and ALL…. I mean ALLL the slots for the date we wanted has been booked. LIKE OH MY TIAN, i died. I went on a frenzy and was like " omg omg then how??!!!!"


We had less than 3 months to find a JP + venue and our dates being very "hot" was totally not helping at all. We spent one afternoon just calling on EVERY solemnizer we could find. And actually one of them played us out 🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃

So putting the saga behind us….

We finally and I mean FINALLY settled on our venue and JP today. Headed down to the hotel straight after my flight to meet the coordinator to sign and pay the deposit. And met up with my very fatherly solemnizer to sign the consent form!

Im so glad everything is slowly falling into place and I'm very very thankful for my htb for being so patient and tolerant of me through this period.

The JP went through with us what to expect on that day and even went through the details of what he was going to say and what we needed to do. It was like a dry run for our day!!

As we sat at Burger King reciting vows with the JP…… in my head… I was thinking… Omg this is really happening! I'm not only marrying the man of my dreams, but also my very very Best Friend whom would do anything to be my everything.

Hehe baby Ezra! We don't just get to grow old together… but we also get to grow up with each other. That's the real adventure we're about to take on! 💕💕💕 I love you!


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