Today, fiancé decided to bring me out to look for my wedding shoes. Ugh, I'm still so undecided if I should get heels, flats or sneakers…. or all? 🙄

I understand the convenience of flats and sneakers cause it'll be so much more comfortable and most impt, casual… which is our solemnization theme.

Headed down to the social foot this afternoon to hunt for the ever so popular ked's x Kate spade glitter plimsols. Sadly, it's OOS in my size for the white pair. Ezra loves it and finds it very cute… but 🤦🏻‍♀️, no size la. Any kind soul have this pair in size 7.5??

Another pair I've got in mind is the Christian Louboutin follies strass! I like the Cinderella effect of this pair!!!! Like ya know, the "glass slipper"??

The flats is also Super pretty and practical! But the price difference between the heels and flats is a mere $100-$200?? And I won't be wearing flats during my actual day. So it doesn't really justify the cost 😕


A month to decide on my shoes, I'm gonna head to London selfridges next month to recce other pairs! Hopefully I can find something then!


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