Friyay all day every day 🤗 // SELLING

Dressed in @/thebeverlynlabel colourblock dress in pastel grey this Friday! Husband Sim commented how demure and girly I look…. a little diff from the other days 🤣

Out of comfort and versatility, I prefer to wear shorts on most days.

Fly hair fly 🤦🏻‍♀️

Stopped by Ben & Jerry’s for ice cream and 🤦🏻‍♀️ Husband Sim kept saying how he just bought me two tubs at home & don’t see the point in paying $6 for a single scoop. My argument? The flavour I ordered is exclusive to the store only!!!!
Leanne – 1
Ezra – 0

Town was extremely crowded and the both of us got a headache from the heat so we headed home early. Omg getting a cab or Uber is such a nightmare!!!!!! Peak period + choosy cab drivers… Uber wanted to charge us $45 home to Pasir Ris!!! What madness.

Came home to unpack my stuff I brought over previously and whoohoo!!! I totally forgot I bought the Natasha denona sunset palette during my prev states trip!!!!!!! 🤗


I’m excited to reveal the HIGHLY RAVED Natasha Denona sunset palette!!! 😍

The case is hard cover ( which is a good thing since I bring it outstation for work, prevents the product from cracking) and it’s in a very vibrant gold shade with embossing. Also, it’s magnetic closure so yay! No trouble opening the palette even with Long finger nails!! 😌👍🏻

Presenting to you…. the best eyeshadows ever!!!!! I swatched it in Sephora NYC and was blown by how creamy and pigmented all the shadows were. Even the glitter shades had no issues!!! Priced at $129 USD… (lol) It’s very well worth the money as it comes with 15 1.2oz worth of eyeshadows. That’s a lot la….

As you can tell, it’s warm toned shadows.. a lot of red/orangey tones, copper, brown… from Matt to shimmery to sparkley finishes! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Decided to put the shadows to test with my brushes since I read that the shadows doesn’t work well with them. For a start, I’m a brush kinda girl… hygiene reason & I don’t wanna destroy them with my fingernails.

I feel that the colours in the palette worked cohesively… and damn, after spending $129 on this.. it better be a useful all in one palette okay!

Hahaha sorry if u think my contouring is overdone… I blame the ring light for the darken effect. Okay now I look back at the photos and I feel 20 shades darker 🤦🏻‍♀️

I wore the eyeshadows without a primer btw.. and they blended our pretty well! The colours are very very wearable for daily usage

#dayrebeauty the husband thinks I’m mad to be reapplying makeup at night now with nowhere to go. 🙈🙈

For the $129 price tag… I could see if you are a professional makeup artist.. getting the most out of it. However, a regular person like me with 10000 palettes similar, this might be eyeshadow overkill. I for one enjoy collecting eyeshadow palettes from different Brand’s… but ugh, if I could turn back time, I don’t think I would have bought this since I realised that my Viseart warm Matts + BH foil shadows work exactly the same 🤣

Heh, so if any of u girls are interested… I wouldn’t mind letting the palette for at $100 with self collection at Fortuna hotel.

Only a few shadows has been swatched with a brush.
And yes I sanitise my brush all the time
Comes with original box
This palette is limited edition btw, not sold in sg

Email me!
DM me on ig @leannelow


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