Decked in @/onzecollective offshouldee sweater to fight the rainy day!

Owned by Shufeng, one of the sweetest blogshop owners I’ve known!! She gives me so much freedom in terms of timeline for the photos and I really like how she takes pride in the quality of her clothings! I remember during our first collab, she told me to highlight any feedback with regards to the quality and fit 👍🏻 love love love business owners like her!

Heh, I think it’s really great for “nth to wear” days. Pullover a sweater with sneakers and accessorise! Won’t go wrong 😉

Love the versatility of the sweater since I can wear it both off shoulders or only on one side! The bell sleeves also added a touch to the design, making it extremely comfy I tell u!! 😍 material is comfy enough to wear in sg’s weather but I chose to don it on my wedding gown fitting day + it was drizzling the entire Thursday. Easy enough to just slip it on gown after gowns 😌

In return, shufeng is so kind as to share a disc code for my readers!!!

Quote “ leanne10” for 10% off all items with a minimum spending of $50 ❤️ valid till 11 nov!

I also feel obligated to credit my Instagram Husband for being so darn patient with me 🙈 I need abt 10000 photos before I’m satisfied! So he’ll just click click click and spam my phone with 1 million photos! Hahahaha poor boy, he says he doesn’t get anything out of it. But ugh, your Wife does! So, sorry 😄

Heh my cutie pie! ❤️
Decided to treat ourselves to a nice lunch since we finally got all our documents filed for SQ and we’ll be couple coding in 1-2 months time! YAY

Got extremely grumpy cause we waited damn Long for our ramen + had only 5hrs of sleep the night before + so hungry till I can eat a cow 🤣

Husband started to annoy me with his spams of photos again. I wasn’t in the mood really, haha look at my face 😂

Whooo I love sesame dressing so when I saw it in the menu, I had to order a salad! It’s tofu salad with pork belly!!! Refreshing choice I must agreee

For the life of me, I don’t remember the name of the ramen. But it’s a creamy broth!! Don’t understand what I should do with the lemon so I put it aside 🤔 I liked my choice though it was random… ramen is ramen to me. Ichiran still has my heart 😬

No photos for his ramen since he got so hungry and gobbled everything down before I can take a shot…. we were kinda rushing for our appt with Jessica cindy la. So yea.. more on that on another time! I think I got THE ONE??! Idk is it to early to say anything yet so I shall not jinx it 😜😜😜

Hair woes 🤦🏻‍♀️

Abit hung up on the fact if I should keep it simple and dye it back black for work? Or just leave it?

I love my hair colour!! ( trust me, it took a Long while to get used to it since I had black hair for the past 7 yrs) It was a good change and gave me a different look!! After 7 freaky years!!

Trying to show you girls my hair colour but realise that most of my photos the Brown is not very obvious. It’s in fact Super brown… and it’s getting lighter as the days goes by.

As my work requires only black hair, I’ve to spend unnecessary money on black hair spray from Gatsby. The bottle is so tiny for $12 bucks I think? And each bottle only last me abt 2-3 flights 😪

A rough idea on how much I spray 😂 I only spray the outer shell of my hair of course. But the combination of black spray + gel + hairspray is totally destroying my hair 😣

Then again, we’re heading for our pre wedding shoot in New Zealand on jan 2018… so like to dye it back black now and redye it for the trip is gonna totalllyyyy spoil my hair. Unless, I leave it black for my shoot?!!

I had pitch black hair for my Korea shoot btw!!

And went light brown for my Solemnization!

So help!! Let me know if I should keep it brown or just dye it back black and save all the trouble!!

WA, if I dye it back black.. it would save me $xxx and at least 10mins of preparation time 😒 #dayrebrides


Woke up in sucha haze and I was stunned for a moment… like where the hell am I?!! Hahahaha I was probably still half asleep when I got up and it took me like 2 whole mins before I go “ oh ya…. I’m in Jakarta.” Guess that’s what flying does to you…. jetting all around the world and cause I’m becoming boring like that, all I see is hotel rooms and airports 🤦🏻‍♀️

Ordered too much food cause I got carried away!!! Ahahahaha eyes bigger than stomach. Don’t even think I ate half of it

The mushroom soup with truffle oil is 👍🏻❤️
I’m the queen of room service… gotta say this is one of the best!!!! Love the pastry as well!! You rarely get soup with pastry topping in room service, it’s an added bonus!!!!!!

Interrupted sleep 😣

Annoyed… very annoyed with myself for not silencing my phone and ipad to sleep!!!! The vibrations and notifications kept buzzing the entire 4hrs that I caught 😑😑😑😑 so here I am fully awake 😪😪😪😪. Lucky flight time home is 1hr20mins!!!! If not I’ll die terribly onboard later…. it’s gonna be a freaky mad rush again.

So based on the response I got over @dayre…. hahaha BROWN HAIR IT IS GUYZ ❤️ thankq for helping me with my decision. There are times I really doubt myself and kinda need a little nudge… well, just gotta spam my vanity table with more black hair spray!!

Hehe, oh ya with regards to my PG for my solemnization.. I’ve received quite a number of DM’s on ig regarding his contact! Yes I’m very happy to share since is work and efficiency is 👍🏻 + reasonable pricing!

I always feel that a good PG would bring ease and comfort to the couple. The photos has to be very natural and that’s what I felt with Kenneth! He worked very well with substance film’s PJ! You know how you can’t have two strong headed ppl working together? Well, the directing was done by PJ and Kenneth tagged along and snapped photos while filming. It was such a pleasant experience having them both! ❤️ aww, thinking back… I’m having post wedding blues 🙈

So I knew Kenneth from a Long way back… since my blogshop days!!! Hahaha I used him as my photog time to time and his in house studio. After graduation, my family went over his place to do a family shoot!! I look so young then omg.. this was prolly 5-6yrs back? I can’t remember! Oh yes, it was also the time my Brother came back from the states!

Hahah if you find him familiar, he’s a chiropractor at discover chiropractic @ tras street 😄 yes both of us were pretty happy that day.. cause GRADUATE LO!!!

so if anyone have any back pains or what not’s, can also DM me on ig for his contact!!

Kenneth also came over my place to shoot my 3 doggies!! Hahahahaha it was like 7 yrs ago when cookie was still cute and fluffy. Cause she was so energetic and hyper, he had to tire her out first before snapping 😂

Zoe! 🤗 the youngest of the 3! And now she’s 10times fatter than this.

And Zai Zai! Oldest amongst them… and probably the “leader” since he’s so feisty.

Oh yes, I forgot thAt he was also the photog for my brother’s solemnization and actual day!!! Eh this shot quite cute!!! I didn’t do this 😩🤦🏻‍♀️


Btw, their solemnization was done at Crowne plaza Changi Airport! The bridal suite and ballroom is 😍😍😍😍!!! And the pricing also Super reasonable. As his solemnization was on a bigger scale… he spent only like 5k on everything?? Okay but that was 3 yrs back. They had 1 night stay in their package! So unfair since i actually paid for my stay at Sheraton 😒

This post is really getting very lengthy and all over the place 🤣 I wake up with random thoughts and just type it in #nofilter okay. I enjoy the #dayre community and love how everyone is so helpful!!! I do this more like a hobby with endless things to blabber abt. To my readers, thankq so much for reading!! 💓 yours likes and comments really mean a lot!!

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