Black swan lashes by Rebecca 👍🏻

Today was a day of running errands! Headed down to Bugis cube this afternoon to get my lashes fixed. Super chio right!! I redid my lashes this time round cause it has been like 40 days?? So lasting! 👍🏻

Straight out from the parlour!

Yes to fluffy lashes! 🤗

Wow it’s been almost a year of patronising black swan @ Bugis cube! Not sponsored, but this is by far the best lash extensions ever?? Even with heavy eye makeup for work every day, my eyelashes are still on fleek! I only redo my lashes after 1 month to fully maximise the lashes with zero touch up. Can’t emphasis further on good they are

Headed home to shower and change before dinner! I don’t exactly take the best care for my extensions. I still wash my face like how I normal would ( under the rainforest shower). Removal of makeup is where I am most careful.. esp ard The Eye area!

I use the bifesta makeup wipes and pump a few drops of any oil free makeup remover. Wrapping the wipes around my index finger, I would use short strokes to “rub” off my makeup. Only for The Eyes though! The rest of the face I’d use Banila clean it zero.

Lol I’m really spamming a lot of #selfies on this post. Can’t help it cause I really love my D curl lashes! The length of lashes is a mixture of 10-14! And I normally do the 6d unlimited lashes. I’ve tried almost all the eyelash Technicians in the store and Xiao wei + lili gotta be my fav girls!!!

( today’s lashes were done by lili)

Today’s makeup is on the simple side cause yea, need to give the face a break.

Primer: Hourglass Veil Primer
Foundation: Laneige BB cushion
Cheeks: Nars orgasm
Contour: Anastasia Beverly Hills contour palette
Lipstick: MAC velvet teddy

Black swan by Rebecca is located at Bugis cube level 2.

Quote my name “ Leanne” for 10% off first timers!!! #dayrebeauty

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