Salon vim/ Tarte shape tape/ Fei.crew

Once again, I’m here to share my pictures with the latest hair I’m sporting done by the professionals @ Salon Vim Bugis!

Pretty exciting cause I went to visit my hair stylist Steve, whom is based at the Bugis outlet for a change of hair style. Tempting to do a bob hair but 🙈🙈🙈…. haha I’ve got a love hate relationship with my Long hair. My Husband suggested to keep it long for the wedding just in case I wanted a fancy style or whatsoever.

Deciding to bleach and dye my hair was a leap of faith. I had a very very bad experience prev with my hair bleach and had to cut them all off 😪 I consulted with Steve and he assured me that with constant hair treatments + mask at home.. my hair wouldn’t turn out that bad. Hahaa jumped on the bandwagon since he mentioned that salon vim just launched their NEW Metallic hair balayage!

Haha photo’s from the toilet @ salon vim to show my Husband! He was on flight that day and was updating him on my newly dyed hair! This was BEFORE the Korean gloss treatment which I did after!

Not too shabby right! My hair was still looking good and healthy! No fried hair!!!

Toilet shots once again 🙈

This was after the Signature Korean gloss treatment by salon vim WHICH I LOVEEEEE ❤️❤️❤️❤️ I swear that the treatment is very very good. Despite spraying my hair with hairspray/ gel…. my hair is still so soft and silky! It lasts me a good 1 month despite all the hair products I use.

Photo’s taken by Steve 💕

Mad in love with my new colour! It’s in metallic ash blonde if you’re wondering. I only had the bottom half of my hair bleached and dyed with a mixture of blonde, grey and brown to achieve this effect.

Oh many enquired on my ig, I didn’t perm my hair that day! It was curled using a curling tong. I think the curls helps bring out the metallic colours of the hair!!

Hesitating if I should post this cause I look so chapalang but yea, wanted to show you how smooth and shiny my hair looks after the first wash!

As advised, I had to wait a torturous 72 hour before washing my hair. I’m the kind of person who needs to wash my hair every day if not I’ll be so uncomfortable!! But for the sake of having pretty hair and to Ensure that my treatment would last, I sucked it up!!!

Day 4 of my hair! After 2 washes! The colour is a lot more vibrant now 😍

Sorry for the spam of #selfies

All the photos were taken with natural sun light and very light editing!! I also got to credit my Husband for helping me tong my hair curls. I’m using Hot tools curling tong in 32mm. I got it from Ulta in San Francisco. Not sure if Singapore brings in this device though..

Heh he did such an awesome job!!! I’ve gotten used to having my hair coloured now and guys, it’s very addictive. Steve mentioned that I can never go back to black hair at the rate im gg!!! No regrets 💕😍

Tarte shape tape foundation + concealer in light neutral 💋👍🏻

I’m using the new Tarte shape tape foundation ( hydrating) and Tarte shape tape concealer! It’s a very good combination and the products react well with my sensitive dry skin. A little goes a Long way for this product though 😄 so take note! for kebaya key chains ✈️

Once an SQ girl, forever an SQ girl. I got pretty excited when @fei.crew ( on Instagram) approached me!! I’m so attracted to the kebaya print and what more ” remove before flight”. If you don’t get it, when we disarm/ arm our doors during push back, there is a locking pin which has this tag line in red!

Modified into a key chain, I find it very cute to hang it not just on my cabin bag but also handbags!!

Check out their IG @fei.crew for the price and products.

#ootd yesterday dressed in @hollyhoque 💕

I actually had the tag on my bag but can’t be seen! Haha too bad… it was getting dark then so i didn’t have any more chances to showcase the key chain!

Very random, but I managed to edit my San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge video taken by a go-pro! I’m used the go-pro editing app “QUIK” and spent the entire afternoon in the salon to get this up.


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