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I forgot how therapeutic it is to write in this space and spill out word vomit. No boss, no limits of audience and just the fact that there isn’t any rules. I’m working on myself to free my mind of everything that is toxic and take ownership of something that I can say ” this is mine”

Having been in Instagram for almost 10 years and only got really active the past 2 years or so… it broke me away from the mundane life and I have no one to thank but my you guys for all the support and encouragements.

The last 2 months were pretty hectic with the amount of #ootds and #dayrebeauty stuff I posted on ig! So I’m here to give you a review of some of beauty services which I really liked #honestopinion

Envious beauty sg

Some of my readers know me so well and always DM me for recommendations for eyelash extensions. ❤️ I for one, also enjoy looking at other’s lash extensions and experimenting with different shops.

I took on envious lash extensions here because no doubt it’s sponsored, I truly believe that their lash Technicians are not only patient but gives the best best best advice for your eye shape!

This was the first trial I did before committing to anything and I was Super sold! I liked how even though it was 6d volume lash, it didn’t weigh my eyes down yet not compromising on the fluffiness of the extensions! The eyelash is mad mad soft and I almost don’t feel anything on my lids I swear. This was week 3 of my lash extensions when I was overseas. You see how full it is still! I did both TOP and bottom lashes to complete eye look…. and good bye makeup! Now I only require like 10 mins to do my face. Concealer, eyebrows, blush, lip gloss.Week 4! Most of my bottom lash extensions were starting to fall off ( Guess it’s only natural since I don’t really take care) but my TOP extensions is still damn full! I heard horror stories of how eyelash extensions can cause your real lashes to be damaged. Not only so, the itch from the thick glue and wrong placement of the lashes can also cause irritations. Hence I make sure to do my research before booking an appt. My therapist mentioned that she still wants to promote growth of my own natural lash hence she doesn’t extend or touch any of those small short hairs. Our lashes grow in a cycle of 3-7 weeks… it’s then when the lash extensions fall off naturally. Their pricing is also one of the most affordable shops. So check out their ig for information! @enviousbeautysg

Angelina eyebrow embroidery

I chanced upon her service on Instagram and was Super stoked when I got hold of her signature 7d stroke by stroke eyebrow embroidery. To start off, I’m not blessed with nice brows. For some reason… they’re imbalanced and the hairs are Super Super fine. I’m always so envious of girls whom don’t say, blessed with full brows or are able to mimic the hairline strokes of brows. And yes, after doing ALOT of research… I finally had the courage to make an appt and went to see sweet Angelina. I went in with a open mind… I just insisted on having hair line strokes and to shape my brows as one side is higher than the other. Leaving it to the professional, Angelina drew out a the shape that would best suit my facial features. I’m so proud of her skills!!! It’s freaking awesome.She recommended me to have slightly thicker and straighter brows to suit my small face frame. Also, she did abit of shading at the ends to give a gradient look. I realized I took a lot of videos but not photos 😅 this is while waiting for the numbing cream to take place! My tolerance for pain is very Low and I kept telling her to put more cream and to leave it on longer!!I would rate the 2 hour process a 3/10 for pain wise. As the numbing cream was wearing off towards the end of the embroidery.. I could feel “scratching” sounds and felt abit of pain. Nothing unbearable, something like getting scratched.Right after the embroidery! No uncomfortableness, no pain, no redness ❤️ I loveeee the new look she gave me! I dealt with the ” la bi Xiao Xin” look for about 5 days before it slowly faded off. Guess it can’t be avoided and also cause I requested her to darken my brows. I like them a little stronger! And I didn’t want to ever draw my brows again.A week later, my brows slowly faded into a gradient brown… from light to dark and the hair line strokes got more and more obvious! I didn’t draw or tint my brows.Due to the lighting, one side seems darker than the other but NO BABES… colour of my brows is true to the right side of my brow.I’m currently scheduling a 2nd appt for touch up with her to help fill out the parts that got faded due to the scabbings. I however still do not require to draw my brows when gg out! #winAngelina is so kind to extend her services @ a 10% disc. U.P $688 with 1 touch up. You can make an appt with her via whatsapp with “angebrows” for the code.Her Instagram is @angelinacosmeticaSeriously you’ll be Super sold upon seeing her works on ig!

Mizu aesthetics

Guess this name is no stranger to a lot of you beauty gurus out there! I was excited to try out their HIGHLY RAVED hydra facial treatment a month back and I can swear, it’s one of the best facial treatments I’ve ever done.If you’ve followed me Long enough, I cannot stress how dry and sensitive my skin is. The non stop travelling and red eye flights might be the cause of it… so I’ve looked into remedies such as face mask or investing in better skincare products to upkeep my skin. This is however, not enough. It’s important to still do facials at least once in 2 months in my opinion to get rid of all the dirt accumulated and I actually managed to find mizu aesthetic HydraFacial to be extremely effective.This was day 2/3 after the facial with only concealer and eyebrow and lipstick makeup :)I posted this on Instagram a while back and quite a few have DM me to ask me abt the process! The HydraFacial is a non invasive Nor surgical procedure that exfoliates, cleanse and hydrate the skin. Targeted to prevent :- wrinkles/fine lines- uneven skin tone – clogged/enlarged pores – sun damage – hyperpigmentationIn my opinion, the treatment is not only fast and effective. I could see the glow on my skin right after! There is zero downtime and one thing that got me so hooked on was the fact that the “glow” and “hydration” has been so lasting on my skin. I even made a 2nd appt just to upkeep! Hooray to better skin and minimal makeup!! 👏🏻You can find them on Instagram @mizuaesthetic——————————————————————-I guess a little self indulgence has helped me boost my confidence and upkeep myself. No doubt these are all external factors but I really feel that it did help me to elevate my mood by doing what I love – which is dolling myself up. As the saying goes…” keep your sunny side up, keep yourself beautiful” X Leanne

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