Our Z Wedding Pre wedding shoot ft Chris Ling potography Part 1

With only about 4 months left for preparation… I’m starting to tie up all the loose ends and share with you on experience with Z wedding & Chris Ling photography. From the very beginning, Ezra and I knew what we wanted out of a pre wedding shoot – fun, casual, meaningful & most importantly.. to be ourselves.

We had the honour of Chris Ling himself, along with his team of photographers- Jacky & Tommy whom we met up to discuss the “concept” of our shoot. We chose to have the shoot at their indoor studio located at Midview city & an outdoor shoot at Coney island. We were so excited because our main photographer, Jacky, mentioned that their indoor studio covers over 5000 square feet… featuring various setups & themed rooms. The detailed setups will help us achieve our ideal intent pre wedding shoot!

Z wedding, Chris Ling photography & ourselves harmonised the vision and mood for this shoot! without further ado, here’s to part 1 of our #ezleaxweds shoot –


probably the most hyped up gown over my instagram! Samuel, the gown designer from Z Wedding helped me to pick out this super sexy mermaid gown that not only reflects my personal style but also my body shape! He has a keen eye and mentioned that my assets are on the bigger side hence a strap gown would do me more justice! haha. I love love loveeeeee the sparkles of this gown!!!


So pretty right! apparently Wang Yi Fei ( wed to Xubin) wore this gown for her actual day as well.



I’m so thankful to Samuel & Adora ( z wedding coordinator) for pushing me to take this gown! initially i was afraid that i wouldn’t be able to carry off the sparkles but looking at these photos by Chris Ling photography made my heart skip a beat ❤ So stunning and one of a kind.

I wore this gown for 3 scenes at the comfort of Chris Ling Studio before changing out into a princess ballgown. My makeup and hair were done by talented Vincent & Amber. I was  open to the different looks they’ve curated for me ( cause i feel that they know best). For the first scene above, Vincent gave me a sleek half updo & Amber brought out my features with a smokey matt brown eyeshadow & plum lips. Trusting my husband to mention that the makeup was done so well, I’m so grateful to both my MUA’s! he liked how the makeup only enhances my features but not overly done.. for my man with no knowledge of makeup, I’m impressed!


THIS is my favourite set of them all!!!!!!

i liked how ethereal the setup was and felt that this white gown goes super well with it! For my second gown, Samuel and Adora recommended this princess ballgown to me which was love at first sight. The ruffle textured skirt goes very well with the embellished silver top of the gown. I’m drawn to gowns that plays with textures and fabrics as you can tell! As i don’t see myself wearing a ballgown on my actual day, i chose to use it for my pre wedding shoot so as the photos would be more dynamic. Given a high bun with a messy top for this look by Vincent ( MUA), we were trying to achieve a sophisticated, romantic yet timeless look.

Part 2 casual wear with Z wedding & Chris Ling would be up on Friday, 18 August  ❤

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